Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A stoved boat...

 Jay's chest all finished up. Showing his New Bedford pride

This was loosely based on a piece of scrimshaw. 

A few random ones

 A tattooed pin up on Derek. He asked to have Betty Boop on her.
 Close up but a weird angle her head looks huge
 Another of Derek's tattoos. This one we did several years ago. Got to love Sailor Jerry
American flag rip out.


Mike's hatchet cut through.

Ryan's ribs

 We started Ryan's ribs awhile back but I finished it earlier this year. He sat like a champ for this.

A few more from this year

 This little grenade was a fun filler on Phil

 Another fun on on Lao, rest easy buddy.

 Fun hip owl, this is a healed picture

 Another death's head moth, but very small only about 2.5" long.

Jake is busting up time.

Giving thanks to those who have helped you.

I owe a lot to my friends for all I've learned in tattooing. It's seems only right to express that and acknowledge them. 
-Of course I owe a lot to Joe and Broad Street Tattoo this has been my home base for almost 10 years now. Check out the shops website and we now have an instagram @broadstreettattoo.
-Larry DiGiusto always producing great work and delivering a sharp tongue, check him out on instagram @larrydigiusto
-John Moniz is always solid and on point, plus he builds some kick ass machines.
-Ron Wells a constant source of inspiration
-Shawn McDonald this dude is always working and makes want to paint more.
-Ryan McNamara you are a constant push and a great guy to talk with for hours. check Ryan out at

There are so many others i owe a great thanks to as well but these guys have been the most predominant. Thanks guys.

small pin up. This was from this grandfathers fighter planes. The hat was on one and the girl on another.